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Is a Medical Marijuana Recommendation right for you?

Obtaining a medical marijuana recommendation may be the best treatment solutions available today.

Medical marijuana has been found to be an effective treatment for various symptoms and diseases, including but not limited to insomnia, migraine headaches, nausea, gastritis, arthritis, chronic pain, glaucoma, anorexia, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and HIV/AIDS, as well as mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and many others. Research has supported the value of marijuana for medicinal usage, and studies currently underway continue to show more evidence of the medicinal benefits of marijuana.

California Proposition 215 also known as the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 Health & Safety Code 11362.5 and SB420 allows qualified patients to legally use of Medical Cannabis. If you qualify for a medical marijuana recommendation at our clinic, our doctors will provide you with a letter of recommendation that the dispensaries in California will honor.

Benefits of Obtaining a Medical Marijuana Recommendation:

1.) 100% Legal Access to Effective Medicine – Given all the evidence, its very difficult to dispute the medicinal value of marijuana/cannabis. It seems to be the only substance on Earth that can provide relief for the symptoms of: Chronic pain, Neck pain, AIDS/HIV, Gastritis, Sinusitis, Anorexia, Migraine headaches, Chronic back pain, PTSD, Premenstrual syndrome, Nausea Insomnia, Arthritis, and many more illnesses as well as mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression without destroying your body (provided healthy intake methods) – all with no negative long-term side effects. Marijuana is an all naturally growing plant that’s been used as an effective medicine for thousands for years.

2.) Legal Protection
Marijuana use is prohibited by the federal law of the US. Hence, if you are using the plant without a legal permission, even for medical purposes, you’re breaking the law of the United States and you will be legally prosecuted. So, you have to know that it is critical for you to have a valid medical marijuana recommendation from a certified MMJ doctor, if you don’t want any trouble because of the illegal use of the plant. Even if you’re using cannabis/marijuana legitimately to treat a serious disease or to relieve yourself from excruciating pain, you are nevertheless violating state law if you are not in possession of a valid medical marijuana recommendation letter from a licensed physician.

3) Access To Any Medical Marijuana Dispensary in California
There are more than 400 medical marijuana dispensaries in California, which grow and provide medical marijuana to those in need. Guess what? When you have a medical marijuana card, you are allowed to come to any of these dispensaries and get your medicine. Of course, you can access only dispensaries located in California, but it’s not a problem due to their number. The best advantage of this opportunity is that you don’t have to drive to the other end of the city you live in to get your medicine, when there’s a medical marijuana dispensary 10 minutes away from your home.

4)Personal Medical Marijuana Cultivation Opportunity Any patient, who possesses a medical marijuana card, is allowed to have up to 6 mature marijuana plants at one time in the state of California. And this is really generous! This actually allows patients, who can’t afford much movement, to stay at home and cultivate their own medicine absolutely legally! In fact, growing your own medical cannabis will save you tons of money. So, if you still don’t have a medical marijuana card and you do qualify for it, you should hurry up and get one at our medical center.

What Will My Visit Be Like?

Many people are nervous about what a visit to a "medical marijuana doctor" will be like. Rest assured, there's absolutely no need to be nervous at all. After you read this, you will feel much more comfortable about your visit. In fact, you'll be surprised by how simple the whole process really is.

1. When you come in for your medical marijuana evaluation appointment, you will be greeted by our friendly, discreet staff, who will provide you with a short questionnaire about your general information and your medication condition, including the treatments you've received in the past.

2. You will then present your California driver's license or ID card to the receptionist who will make a copy. If you do not have a valid CA ID at the time, you'll need to bring in proof that you live in California in the form of DMV paperwork, in addition to some photo identification (i.e. Passport, Green Card, out of state ID, and school ID, etc). You'll then wait until you are called to an exam room.

3. After you are comfortable in our exam rooms, our medical assistant will ask you some more questions about your medical issues. These questions are asked so that when the physician sees you, he already has an idea about your medical needs. The doctor will then evaluate you and determine the best course of treatment, and determine your eligibility for use of medical marijuana to treat your condition. Our medical marijuana doctor will also discuss with you how medical cannabis works to help with your situation, and answer any questions you may have about medical cannabis and health in general.

4. Depending on your situation, you may also receive a brief physical examination, which will also focus on the condition in question. If you have documentation for your condition, please bring it as it makes the process much more simple. If you do not, our medical marijuana doctor will still evaluate you and help you as much as possible.

5. You will then return to the waiting room while the doctor writes your medical marijuana recommendation. Your examining physician will determine the duration of your treatment protocol. Recommendations are typically 1 year when with valid medical documentation.

Overall, the process is short and simple. Unlike many less reputable clinics that require you to pay a fee up front, if our doctor decides that you are not eligible for a medical marijuana recommendation, you don't pay a dime! We emboss your medical marijuana recommendation to make it official, you pay, and that's it.



· Individualized treatment plans based on your specific needs

· Integrated approach towards your health issues including
evaluation, treatment, consultation, follow-up and referrals

· Same day appointments and walk-ins available Monday through
Saturday during business hours

· Knowledgeable and friendly staff answers calls and
returns messages quickly

PLEASE NOTE: We strongly advise against purchasing marijuana illegally – not only does this pose a serious health risk, but you are also taking serious potential legal risks as well. Do not put yourself at risk for drug interactions and unforeseen psychiatric symptoms, or trouble with the law. Be safe, be smart - come see our medical marijuana doctors who will help you with your medical issues as well as prevent future legal issues.

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